Viva's mission is to provide solutions for brands who are looking to revitalize their existing product lines or launch new products with enhanced looks and attractiveness.

Enhanced Product Looks

IML printing has photographics graphics on 100% tube surface, from tube shoulder up through the crimp and without any 'no-print-zone'.

Seamless look, entire tube fully covered by printing.

True shiny metallic and holographic effects are only achievable by IML Tube, without creasing and cracking problems which are common in other forms of tubes.

Tube strong memory effect always bounces back after squeezing without creasing and wrinkles which are common in other form of tubes.

100% Recyclability

Viva IML Tubes have a clear answer to address sustainability for any brands using tubes. All components are made of one material: polyproplyene (or PP resin symbolized by the category number 5). Of all plastic resins, PP is the lightest, takes the least amount of energy to produce, transport, generates the least amount of greenhouse gas. Viva IML Tubes can save 25 - 35% of energy compared to other forms of tubes.

For details, please download Life Cycle Analysis Summary Report.

Fully Integrated Manufacturing & Simple Processes

All components manufactured in-house at Viva global manufacturing locations which eliminates the long leadtime and uncertainty caused by outsourcing components.