Viva's mission is to provide solutions for brands who are looking to revitalize their existing product lines or launch new products with enhanced looks and attractiveness.

Enhanced Looks

Brands are looking for ways to win the shelf-impact race. Viva’s ability to print outstanding graphics on 100% of the tube surface - from the shoulder up through the crimp and without any ‘no-print zone’ - gives any brand the advantage of a tube that outshines all others.

Photographic quality graphics on the entire tube surface with a seamless look is another highly appreciated feature allowing brands to showcase brand images and themes with unprecedented impact.

Metallic & holographic effects are one of the special area of expertise of Viva IML tubes. The ability to have beautiful metallic effects from subtle accents to full coverage, without creasing and cracking has set Viva’s IML tubes apart.

Scuff resistant decoration is a great feature for metallic finishes or tubes that will be rubbed against each other during transit or against sharp objects such as keys in a purse.

Memory effect: Viva IML Tubes will always bounce back after squeezing and go back to their original shape with no wrinkles or creasing. This is a guarantee of always having the brand image looking its very best through the use of the tube.


Sustainability is a growing area of interest from consumers and from retailers. Viva IML tubes have a clear answer to address sustainability for any brand using tubes. All components are made out of one material: polypropylene (or PP resin symbolized by the category number five). Of all plastic resins, PP is the lightest, takes the least amount of energy to produce, transport and to convert into its final product. It generates the least amount of greenhouse gas and has the least impact on the environment. Switching to Viva’s tube can save 25% to 35% of energy compared to an industry standard tube.

For details, please download Life Cycle Analysis Summary Report.

Uniquely for Viva’s IML tubes, at the end of the tube’s use it is 100 % recyclable without any separation. PP is the fastest growing category of plastic to be recycled in North America, though not all of it actually gets recycled. Viva IML tubes has recently partnered in an initiative with a retailer and a recycler to encourage customers to bring back their empty tubes to the stores where they will get recycled.


In an ever fast-moving retail world, brands have to adapt extremely quickly and are asking their tube supplier to react faster and faster all the time. Viva, with a full vertically integrated manufacturing facility, can react to change with unparalleled agility. All tube components, from label to tube and cap, are manufactured, printed and assembled under the same roof, in one plant in each major market. This reduces any outsourcing for closures or special decoration which can add incrementally to the leadtimes for tubes from other suppliers.

Viva’s short leadtimes (8 weeks for new designs and 6 weeks for repeat) can be further reduced by printing In-Mold Labels in advance and molding small batches as a late-stage conversion.

Viva Global Footprint

Global brands face the challenge of consistency across regions. With Viva’s tube factories around the world, each plant has the same equipment and can supply tubes with consistent decoration and consistent function regardless of region.